What is CyberHack?

The world is facing a chronic shortage of cybersecurity talent as new technologies and evolving threats increase. With CyberHack we want to inspire you to pursue a career within cybersecurity!

CyberHack is a partnership between leading Danish Universities and a range of different Danish corporate partners.

CyberHack is realized with support from Industriens Fond, and is part of the fund’s efforts to strengthen Danish industry’s work on cyber security and thus its competitiveness.

Why are we doing it?

We do it, because organizations need to improve their cybersecurity capabilities, and continuously grow new talents. So, we want to inspire you on which skills the future cyber security profile shall hold, and which task you will work on in a cyber security role.

It’s a fact, that the range of potential attacks — and attackers — is wide and increasing day by day. Organizations need to deal with more advanced, targeted assaults; and may not even be aware of attack methods that are emerging. This requires new and advanced skills, and also give cyber security talents a job that is super exciting. We want to inspire you on what tasks you will deal with in the real world!

What events can I attend?

CyberHack will host a range of activities in Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen focusing on cyber security. Due to COVID-19 in 2020, a lot of the events will be taken online.

I want to know more!

You can join all of the CyberHack activities for free as long as you remember to register for the event. You can attend both as a student, but also as a working professional.

You can also sign up for our CyberHack newsletter to get news related to upcoming initiatives and activities.  

CyberHack host smaller meet-ups, hackathons and much more, so we hope that you want to be a part of the CyberHack Community.



CyberHack gives you the opportunity to grow your network in the cyber security industry, with other talents and company profiles.

Talent development

Through our different activities and events, you will get the opportunity to develop your skills related to cyber security.


By engaging CISO’s from leading Danish companies, we will inspire you and provide insight on what skills are required from the future cyber security talent.