Saturday hack


Saturday Hack

 Date: 6th of April 2019 // 10.00 – 16.00


This time we are trying to do a hack for everyone:

  • Our training platform will be open with all challenges: It’s about networks, scanning, sniffing, phishing, SQL Injections, Heartbleed and much more.
  • Throughout the day we will arrange small sessions and walk-throughs, where you can learn about different techniques and tools.
  •  If you have done all our challenges, you are still welcome. We will organise small groups doing HackTheBox and other cool things.
  • You are welcome for the whole day, or just part of it.
  • We will have coffee and soda as usual, and some pizza for lunch.
  • As we will cater for all levels, this is a good day to bring your friends who are new to cyber security.






Hacking the Energy & Tele Sector

Date: 14th of May 2019 // 15.00 – 17.45

Addressing cyber risks in the energy and tele sector is highly critical not only to own security, but it is also vital for a resilient state and economy.

In a worst case scenario these attacks can result in infrastructure shut down, triggering economic and financial disruptions.

That’s why we are pleased to have Per, Martin and Gerard on a visit, to give a talk about the sectors and what they have experienced from within.

There are limited seats, so get your seat today. You can read more about the program when you click registration.


Jess Stausholm

Technology Director, TDC Group

Per Olsen

Director, Security, Telenor

Martin Hansen

Security Architect, SE


Hackathon – Aalborg University
Date: 28-29 Septemer

Reserve your seat today for the Hackathon!

The program, cases and people engaged for the hackathon will be announced later, but you can block the date and reserve your seat from today. The seats are limited, and last year they were taken within 2 weeks. So don’t way too long 🙂 

Who can participate?

The hackahton is targeting students either studying cyber security, fresh grads or students who are curious within the field. We really hope to see you there! When you have reserved your seat, you will be updated when we have more info!



A Nation that Needs to be Ready for Cybercrime

Date: 12th of September 2019 // 15.00 – 18.00

Denmark is among leading digital nations, thus we are depending on our ability to secure our technology, data and networks from the many threats we face.

Cyber attacks are growing more frequent, sophisticated and damaging when they succeed.

We are happy to have Johnny from Rigspolitiet NC3 and Kenneth Jørgensen, Threat Hunter at SE to talk about their cyber security insights.

There are limited seats, so get your seat today. You can read more about the program when you click registration.


Kenneth Bjerregaard Jørgensen

Threat Hunter 

Johnny Vestergaard

Cybercrime Specialist, NC3 

Jens Myrup Pedersen, Associate Professor, Aalborg University